Smart Data Analytics and AI: Banking Becomes More Intelligent

2. October 2019 / in Knowledge

Big Data is becoming Bigger Data. In the next decade, the amount of data across the world is expected to double every two years. That’s a whole lot of new [..]

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A Profile of the Digital Banking Customer: Who Uses Open Banking?

20. August 2019 / in Knowledge

The demand for online loans is on the rise, challenger banks are starting to offer innovative banking services and banking apps not run by banks are [..]

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How Account Information Services Boost The Conversion Rate of Online Financial Transactions

9. April 2019 / in Knowledge

Applying for a loan is a prime example of how customers now prefer to conduct their financial transactions online. In many cases, the word ‘online’ is [..]

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The History of Open Banking

20. March 2019 / in Knowledge

For a long time it has seemed like nothing much has happened in the financial world since the invention of the credit card. In a world where [..]

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4 Reasons Why Payment Initiation Services Are Effective Conversion Drivers

6. March 2019 / in Knowledge

Providers of digital business models or online services are all too familiar with the challenges: the next competitor is merely a click away. With [..]

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6 FAQs about Payment Initiation Service Providers

25. October 2018 / in Knowledge

PISP, XS2A, PSD2 and Banking API – do these mean anything to you? It’s not always easy to keep track of these confusing terms when it comes to the [..]

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8 Frequently Asked Questions about Account Information Service Providers

5. October 2018 / in Knowledge

The Digital Account Check serves as the basis of many innovative banking and FinTech services. In most cases, this is done by Account Information Service [..]

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PSD2 in Europe: A Mix of Slow Coaches and Quick Starters

27. September 2018 / in Knowledge

More than half a year has passed since the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) came into force across Europe. Now is the perfect opportunity for a [..]

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Everyone Is Talking About Big Data: History, Definition and Outlook

15. August 2018 / in Knowledge

It is alleged that the computer scientist John Mashey invented Big Data during his lunch break in the canteen of computer manufacturer Silicon Graphics in [..]

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Open Banking in a Nutshell: What’s Behind the Mega Buzzword

7. August 2018 / in Knowledge

Financial institutions are facing fundamental changes, a new era is dawning in the financial world and banking is facing a radical change of direction – [..]

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