API Banking Enables Real-Time Scoring in Machine Leasing and Finetrading

10. May 2019 / in Trends

Companies rely on leasing and purchase financing in order to optimally finance large purchases. Machinery and other capital goods cost tens of [..]

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PSD2 with Side Effects: What You Need to Know About Strong Customer Authentication

23. April 2019 / in Trends

Whether booking a train ticket or buying something at their favourite online shop, users expect secure, convenient payment methods and require [..]

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Around the World: Open Banking in Africa, America, Asia and Europe

25. February 2019 / in Trends

With the introduction of PSD2, the European Union has laid the foundations for the trend towards Open Banking. In Europe, however, launching Open [..]

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How Savings Banks and Cooperative Banks Can Reap the Benefits of Smart Data Analytics

12. February 2019 / in Trends

Imagine the situation: You are sitting on a gold vein, but lack the right tools for digging and washing. This is probably how those responsible for [..]

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Digitalisation in Leasing: How Bank Information Can Be Automated Through API Banking

29. January 2019 / in Trends

It is well known that anticipation is one of the greatest forms of pleasure. Let’s take the example of buying a car: proud future owners can hardly [..]

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4 FinTech Trends You Should Keep an Eye On

13. December 2018 / in Trends

FinTechs are simultaneously considered by the financial sector as both a great opportunity and a threat. In fact, there is no doubt that they have made [..]

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Credit Scoring 4.0: How Account Information Service Providers and Credit Agencies Create New Scoring Model

21. November 2018 / in Trends

“Now we’ll just check your SCHUFA score and then we’ll sign the contract.” What may sound like a threat to the ears of many customers is actually [..]

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The Era of Open Banking: How Banks Can Remain Relevant After the Enforcement of PSD2

12. November 2018 / in Trends

The topic of digitalisation is nothing new in the banking world. According to the Banking Association, online banking has become a favourite for the [..]

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Credit Check Before Tenant Selection: The Digital Tenant Check Makes It Possible

5. November 2018 / in Trends

Those who rent an apartment via a real estate portal are very familiar with the situation. Dozens, if not several hundred rental requests arrive within [..]

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Smart Data Instead of Big Data: Real-Time Lending through Intelligent Data Analysis

19. October 2018 / in Trends

When it comes to data analysis, Big Data is one of the big buzzwords of our time. Thanks to automated processes, companies generate large amounts of [..]

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