Further White Papers and Solution Briefs From FTS

Solution Briefs on Current Challenges

Identification with Added Value: Bank-Ident
Learn how regulatory compliant customer identification works in real-time, based on the bank account of a customer.
The insurance of tomorrow with open banking
How insurers are preparing for the digital future with intelligent open banking solutions.

White Papers from FinTecSystems

Sustainable Debt Collection
Learn in this white paper how Open Banking helps collection agencies become more digital, customer-friendly, fast and direct
The Lending of Tomorrow: Digital, automated and scalable with minimal risk
Learn in this white paper how banks and lenders are making lending decisioning scalable, cost-efficient and customer-friendly, and significantly reducing default risk.
AML-Compliant and Customer-Friendly: Innovative ID Solutions for Banks
Learn in this white paper how to establish secure KYC and help Open Banking prevent money laundering with GwG-compliant ident solutions.
Account Information Service Providers and Payment Initiation Service Providers
Learn what account information and payment initiation services are all about, what they offer for businesses and what they change for costumers.
Open Banking in the Fight Against Fraud, Terrorist Financing and Money Laundering
In this white paper, we show you how to combat fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing securely, simply and sustainably thanks to Open Banking.
The Perfect Customer Experience with Open Banking
In this white paper you will learn how customised Open Banking solutions and
Banking in Context enable an optimal customer experience.
PSD2: A Customer-Centric Approach
Learn the most important facts and figures about the PSD2 payment services directive and which advantages the new directive brings for customers.
Open Banking: Game Changer with great Future
In this white paper you will learn how Banks and FinTechs are building a global banking ecosystem that will pave the way for the digital lifestyle!
Smart Data Analytics in the Financial World
In this white paper you will learn how banks and FinTechs use Smart Data and Machine Learning to enhance the Customer Experience...
Banking-API – The interface to the future
In this white paper, we would like to introduce you to the basics of API Banking and give you an overview of the most important trends.