The Perfect Customer Experience with Open Banking

How customised Open Banking data and
banking in context enables an optimal customer


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Messages for Quick Readers

Benefit from Open Banking

Forward-looking banks and Fintechs are using the potential of Open Banking already. Excellent data plays an important role in this process.

Open Banking in XS2A Figures

Understanding the Financial Situation of Clients

The Open Banking Platform contributes to a better understanding of the financial situation of its customers and enables a customer-oriented approach.

Smart Data in Action

Inspire Customers

The intelligent use of smart data helps a whole range of sectors to inspire customers and to fulfil individual customer needs.

Voices in the White Paper

"In the EU, PSD2 has created the legal framework for more innovation and an excellent customer experience."

I wish you an exciting and inspiring read!

Martin Schmid Chief Market Officer at FinTecSystems

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