Open Banking: Game Changer
with a Great Future

How Banks and FinTechs Are Building a Global Banking Ecosystem that Will Pave the Way for the Digital Lifestyle!

Open-Banking is a Game Changer

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Open Banking Key Learnings

PSD2 as an Innovation Driver

The opening of banks to third-party providers is in full progress. PSD2 enables and regulates this process.

Open Banking as Strategic Agenda

Open Banking as a Strategy

Open banking is an integral part of the strategic agenda of banks. Not only in Europe via PSD2, but globally.

Open Banking creates Chances

Create New Offers

Open banking entails considerable change for established players and products. Those who want to be among the winners tomorrow must set the course today.

Evolution of Open Banking

Banking as Part of the Digital Lifestyle

Open Banking will be the de facto standard in the financial world in a few years. Banking will become a universal part of the digital lifestyle. 

Voices in the White Paper

"Because technological changes are growing exponentially, traditional banking will not survive the next decade."

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Ralf Ohlhausen Member of the Euro Retail Payment Board, European Central Bank.

"With the emergence of an open ecosystem, banking is becoming an integral part of digital customer experiences."

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Dirk Rudolf Managing Director and Founder of FinTecSystems

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