From the Post Office to Open Banking: The (R)evolution of Identification Procedures

14. March 2022 / in Trends

Almost everyone remembers the good old-fashioned way of going to the post office with your ID card in hand. Whether it’s applying for a securities [..]

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Yes, We're Open: Four Examples of How Insurers and Sales Departments Benefit from Open Banking

6. December 2021 / in Knowledge

Ecosystems, data-driven insurance, embedded insurance and Open Finance – all the signs are pointing to radical change in the insurance industry. Why is [..]

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Open Banking Data for Online Shops: Avoid Fraud and Convert More Customers

16. November 2021 / in Knowledge

Caution is the mother of... moderately successful e-commerce businesses. But is the cautious mother right to be so? It’s not all that straightforward. On [..]

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From Open Banking to Open Finance: Open for Success!

28. October 2021 / in Knowledge, Insurance

There’s no doubt that working together not only makes you less alone; it also makes you more successful.

The future lies in digital ecosystems, where [..]

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How Can Insurance Providers Rely on Embedded Insurance Today?

21. October 2021 / in Knowledge

Hand on heart: where is the insurance industry really at today? The user experience is mediocre and insufficient across the board. Most processes are [..]

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Knowledge Makes Us Better: The All-in-One Collection Check for Sustainable Collection

15. October 2021 / in Open Banking, Debt Collection

To put it simply, those who know more achieve better results. What sounds like a mantra for nerds is in fact true: having an overview as well as good [..]

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How Open Banking Enables Personalised, Sustainable Debt Collection

1. October 2021 / in Open Banking, Debt Collection

Sustainability is the motto for our times and the path to a successful future. This also applies to collection agencies.

Especially in light of the [..]

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Sustainable Debt Collection: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

21. September 2021 / in Trends

Being in the debt collection industry has never been easy – and with many challenges still remaining, the same is true today. However, there is a key that [..]

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4 Ways Open Banking is Taking E-Commerce to the Next Level

15. July 2021 / in Trends, Open Banking

In the highly competitive e-commerce world, high conversion rates stand for sales growth and stability, and therefore represent a key figure that must be [..]

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Beyond Transaction Monitoring: Minimise Risks Effectively with These Four Factors

1. July 2021 / in Knowledge

Criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their methods to disguise and hide the origin of proceeds from crime. At the same time, regulators [..]

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