How Open Banking Makes Credit Checks Fast, Efficient and Risk-Free

8. September 2020 / in technology

The latest developments in Open Banking are radically transforming the financial sector with the emergence of new trends and opportunities. Regulations [..]

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The Digitalisation of Banking: Opportunities and Challenges for Banks and Financial Service Providers

17. June 2020 / in technology

Mobile banking is becoming mainstream, Open Banking has become a global phenomenon in just a few years and PSD2 is already driving innovation in the [..]

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Quick, Simple & Unbureaucratic: The End-to-End Digitalisation of Lending

21. April 2020 / in Trends

Imagine that bank branches are closed, on-site consultations are cancelled and all bank customers want to take out loans. How would you react to this [..]

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How Insurance Companies Use Open Banking to Improve the Customer Experience and Increase Revenue

26. February 2020 / in Trends

The insurance sector has undergone major changes in recent years. Customers expect digital processes and solutions with just a few clicks. Today, [..]

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Money Laundering 2020: How Open Banking Prepares You for the New Legal Requirements

3. February 2020 / in Trends

In May 2019, the Federal Ministry of Finance presented a draft for the implementation of the 5th Money Laundering Directive. The law came into force on [..]

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How Open Banking Increases the Security, Speed and Intelligence of Risk Management

13. January 2020 / in Knowledge

The era of Open Banking was definitively ushered in when PSD2 came onto the scene. New financial products are emerging while processes are being [..]

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3 B2B Use Cases That Can Be Fully Digitalised Thanks to Open Banking

27. November 2019 / in Trends

Open Banking has been the darling topic of the financial sector since the introduction of PSD2. However, Open Banking does not only concern lending [..]

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Digital Account Check in Real Time: Open Banking Creates More Security for Factoring Providers

12. November 2019 / in Trends

Factoring is a popular financial service that helps companies optimise their cash flow and minimise the risk of payment defaults. While this form of [..]

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Smart Data Analytics and AI: Banking Becomes More Intelligent

2. October 2019 / in Knowledge

Big Data is becoming Bigger Data. In the next decade, the amount of data across the world is expected to double every two years. That’s a whole lot of [..]

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A Profile of the Digital Banking Customer: Who Uses Open Banking?

20. August 2019 / in Knowledge

The demand for online loans is on the rise, challenger banks are starting to offer innovative banking services and banking apps not run by banks are [..]

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