Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence: Turbo for the Banking and Financial World?

12. October 2018 / in Trends

The automatic processing of data with the help of artificial intelligence is deemed to be the key to digital transformation in almost every industry. [..]

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First Movers – How Banks Can Benefit from PSD2

12. September 2018 / in Trends

Since the beginning of the year, it has been mandatory to implement the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) in Europe. Though it poses certain [..]

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5 Ways FinTechs Can Help Banks and Lending Institutions

5. September 2018 / in Trends

The era of open banking, PSD2 guidelines and news about API banking are bringing about changes almost every day in a sector that has been stable for [..]

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Big Data in the Banking and Financial World: Hype or Healing?

30. August 2018 / in Trends

In times of digitalisation, data is the lifeblood for companies in all industries. Or, as the Economist put it, data is the “oil of the digital era”. [..]

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White Label Banking: Driver of Growth for FinTechs or Sustainable Business Model?

23. August 2018 / in Trends

When N26 was launched as a challenger bank in 2015, the Berlin-based bank set out to revolutionise the conventional banking experience. Customers [..]

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Lending Process 3.0 – 5 New Online Business Models That Become a Reality with the Digital Account Check

30. July 2018 / in Trends

Customers who apply for a conventional loan are familiar with the procedure: the lending bank checks creditworthiness using salary statements, account [..]

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Voice Banking: Is Voice Gaining Acceptance as an Interface in Payment Transactions?

24. July 2018 / in Trends

Browsing through stock exchange pages can often be cumbersome, yet nowadays whoever wants to avoid this can request share prices using their voice. [..]

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8 Banking Apps That Don’t Really Have Banks Behind Them

16. July 2018 / in Trends

Numerous FinTechs are working on digitalising the banking experience. From the customer’s perspective, bank transactions should be quick, mobile and as [..]

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Fact Checking Banking APIs: 11 Statistics Every Bank Manager Should Know

9. July 2018 / in Trends

API banking is a real win-win situation for banks and FinTechs. Many financial institutions in Europe and Germany are approaching the issue with [..]

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4 Banking Innovations that Make Our Lives Easier Thanks to Open Banking and PSD2

14. May 2018 / in Trends

Open interfaces, new cooperation models and real-time data exchange: Open banking is a real bestseller. Whether it’s smart traditional banks, [..]

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