PSD2: A Customer-Centric

How end customers benefit from the opening of the financial world
and new FinTech business models!


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White Paper Learnings

Change in Banking

Banking is becoming secure, simpler and more contemporary. This is what PSD2 wants to ensure with the new regulation.

What is XS2A?

Access to Account

Read what account access "XS2A" is all about and why the customer alone decides.

Optimising Customer Experience

Optimise Customer Experience

Learn how proactive banks are shaping their digital transformation and creating an optimal customer experience through Open Banking.

Innovations that create real added value


Learn here how PSD2 is driving innovation to generate real value for customers.

Voices in the White Paper

"In principle, the new Payment Services Directive is a big win for the consumer".

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Christian Meyer Vice President Risk & Compliance at FinTecSystems

"PSD2 brings innovation and competition to the financial sector - while protecting the consumer." 

I wish you an exciting and inspiring read!

Dirk Rudolf Managing Director and Founder at FinTecSystems

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Learn the most important facts and figures about the PSD2 payment services directive and which advantages the new directive brings for the customer.