Open Banking in the Fight Against Fraud, Terrorist Financing and
Money Laundering

How to prevent fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing in a safe, easy and sustainable manner.

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Takeaways for Quick Readers

New Money Laundering Act

The group of obligated parties has expanded. Does the new German Money Laundering Act also apply to you?

Financial Crime

Meet Requirements

Read how to comply with the requirements of the new Money Laundering Act.

Combat Financial Crime

Preventing Financial Crime

Learn how to combat fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing easily, quickly and sustainably.

Voices in the White Paper

"Money laundering is more sophisticated and professional than ever before. Terrorist financing is a global challenge that can destabilise entire societies. [...] Fraud and scams in the financial sector are nothing more than a kind of modern bank robbery."

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Martin Schmid Chief Market Officer at FinTecSystems

"Digitisation and Open Banking are the drivers for much more efficient technology for preventing and combating fraud and money laundering."

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Christian Meyer PSD2 expert and Money Laundering Officer at FinTecSystems

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Learn now how to combat terrorist financing and money laundering easily, quickly and sustainably.