Smart Data Analytics in
the Financial World

How Banks and FinTechs Can Improve the Customer Experience with Smart Data and Machine Learning.

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Key Learnings

New Business Models

The refinement of data through clean categorisation and intelligent analysis - smart data analytics - creates the basis for new business models.

Smart Data in the Financial World

Automate with Smart Data

Read what smart data means and how the financial world benefits from intelligent and automated data processing. 

History of Data Analytics

Data Analysis

Learn how different areas of the financial world are using smart data to improve the customer experience by looking at 3 practical examples. 

Guidance for Bank CEOs

Profiting from Data Growth

Read here how digitalisation and the opening up of the financial world are accelerating data growth and smart data analytics is becoming the supreme discipline. 

Voices in the White Paper

"Smart data is the requirement for a smarter, faster loan application."

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Dr. Moritz-Alexander Felde Managing Director Finances at Check24

"Anyone who doesn't understand these issues will be out of business in ten years."

I wish you an exciting and inspiring read!

Tobias Ruland Chief Product Officer at FinTecSystems

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